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" The universe of mortgage lending has gotten to the point where there is a place in it for everybody "

Mortgage Loan Starts 10.50% Onwards

Mortgage Loan

Get higher value mortgage loan at a lower interest rate in Coimbatore and use it for your big plans. Coimbatore is a city of dreams and plans that are not just unique but also big. With Adhiban, avail the best and sensible finance for your securities and pursue your dreams.

Interest Rate:

We provide bank loan with a nominal interest rate. The rate of interest are different for different loan.

  • Mortgage loan it starts with 10.50% onwards,
  • Machinery loan it starts with 8.75% onwards,
  • Home loan it starts with 6.65% onwards,
  • Car Loan it starts with 7.25% onwards,
  • Education Loan it starts with 6.75% onwards,
  • LAP & ML  it starts with 8.75% onwards,
  • Personal loan it starts with 10.50% onwards,
  • Business loan it starts with 9.60% onwards,
  • Gold loan it starts with 7.35% onwards.

Who are we?

Adhiban is south India's most preferred and trusted loan provider in Coimbatore. Adhiban has a direct selling association with all leading Banks out there in the market.

How do we stand out?

Mortgage Loan Nominal Interest Rate

For Coimbatorians, Adhiban can hook you up with a Mortgage Loan that has the World's best nominal interest rate of 8.7%. Who doesn't want to use a little extra money right?

Be it a big wedding, higher education, business expenses, medical emergency or some other indisputable expenditures, Adhiban's mortgage loan is one-stop-shop for any and all financial needs in Coimbatore.

The Lowest Processing Time and Fee: No Hidden Fee.

Get your work done within a fortnight with the processing fee of 0.50 to 1%. With Adhiban, your mortgage loan process will be done within 12-14 working days and you don't have to pay more than 1% of the total loan amount as processing fee. Adhiban charges a lot less processing fee than any other loan providers in Coimbatore.

Easy Online Process & Instant Approvals on Mortgage Loan.

With the fully digitized and automated online process, get instant approvals on your Mortgage Loan and save a lot of your time and energy. You are not required to be in or around Coimbatore.

High Loan Value in the name of Mortgage Loan

Adhiban helps you borrow high-value mortgage loan in Coimbatore against your properties that go up to Rs. 10 Crore. Never settle for a value that is lesser than what your property deserves.

Is that all?

Nope, We know big dreams of our Coimbatore people that raised higher than the newly build Gandhipuram flyover need bigger schemes with countless benefits. Head down to know them all.

Special Benefits for Women on Mortgage Loan — Relaxation on stamp duty and tax deduction

Women are allowed to pay 1% — 2% of lower stamp duty than male borrowers pay all the time and claim tax deductions up to Rs. 1.5 lakh and Rs. 2 lakh on principal and interest of a Mortgage Loan if the property is self-occupied home.

Mortgage Loan Balance Transfer

For Mortgage Loan in Coimbatore, Adhiban provides Mortgage Loan Balance Transfer. If you have a lot of expenses to cover each month and the Mortgage loan that you availed from other banks or financial institutions just keeps pulling you down, then hesitate not and transfer the outstanding balance of your Mortgage loan with Adhiban to pay lesser interest. Save the dough to pay some other bills.

Part Prepayment for Mortgage Loan

A five-year instalment of your Mortgage loan doesn't always have to last five years. Save a huge interest in the Prepayment or Part Prepayment facility. Use your incentives and bonus amount to pay a part of your mortgage loan sum before the end of your tenor and enjoy the quantum. Pay an amount equal to 1 EMI or more and drop your interest rate for the next consecutive months. Adhiban can help you find the best scheme that you can avail in Coimbatore.

Long Term Tenure for Mortgage Loan — 20 years

Mortgage Loan can be elapsed for a longer-term that lets our borrowers pay a limited amount each month rather than requiting huge amount every single month stressing out the borrowers. The Longest tenure entertained by Adhiban, elapse up to 20 years.

Is there a catch? Is my property safe?

The word Mortgage is derived by joining two old french terms that mean a death pledge. Once you finish your tenor entirely, then the security that you handed over to us becomes null and void to us. You will regain your entire control back on the property.

Documentation Needed for Mortgage Loan

To avail the mortgage loan, the Borrower must submit proper documentation to the lenders i.e, Adhiban. And it has been categorized as follows.

What passes as a mortgage?

Any property that is deemed immovable is accepted as a mortgage while applying for a mortgage loan.

Know Your Customer (KYC) documents mandatory for Mortgage Loan

For identity proof, three documents are needed. Aadhar Card and Pan card is mandatory. Either Voter ID or Driving license must be attached as the third document for availing a mortgage loan.

For address proof, a Current address proof either gas bill or Aadhar card should be given for mortgage loan.

If you are living in own house EB bill or property tax should be attached while applying for the mortgage loan.

If you are living in a rental house, a rental agreement or gas bill or bank statement is accepted while aiding a mortgage loan.

Credit/Income document necessary for Mortgage Loan

These documents are used by lenders for evaluating mortgage loan eligibility and estimating the maximum amount of mortgage loan that borrowers can avail.

In the case of Self Employed, IT returns of the last two to three years, Documents related to Goods and service tax payment, bank statement for the past year, RC or SSI certificate are needed for aiding Mortgage Loan.

In case of salaried, last 3 months' payslip or salary certificate, the Last 6 months bank statement and employee ID card must be submitted for entertaining a mortgage loan.

Property Documents required for Mortgage Loan

To get a mortgage loan, these documents of properties are required by lenders for verification purposes.

EC — 1986 to Till date, Mother document set, Sale agreement, Water bill, Passport size photo.

Direct Selling Association:

We have direct associated with most reputed banks like

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