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How To Get Working Capital Loans
for Your Business

Business Loan Starts 9.60% Onwards

Business Loan

Get low-interest business loans at ease in Coimbatore with Adhiban. Here at Adhiban, we take care of all your financial needs and provide you with a relaxed and rapid loan processing experience. Use the loan endow to support your business needs of all variants.

Interest Rate:

We provide bank loan with a nominal interest rate. The rate of interest are different for different loan.

  • Business loan it starts with 9.60% onwards.
  • Home loan it starts with 6.65% onwards,
  • Car Loan it starts with 7.25% onwards,
  • Education Loan it starts with 6.75% onwards,
  • LAP & ML  it starts with 8.75% onwards,
  • Personal loan it starts with 10.50% onwards,
  • Machinery loan it starts with 8.75% onwards,
  • Gold loan it starts with 7.35% onwards.

Who are we?

Adhiban is south India's most preferred and trusted loan provider in Coimbatore. Adhiban has a direct selling association with all leading Banks out there in the market.

How do we stand out?

Business Loan Nominal Interest Rate

We provide business loans at a nominal interest rate that ranges varies as per the type of business. We provide business loans for all small, medium and large scale industries.

Be it for supporting your working capital, renting an office space, expanding or upgrading your operations, investing in machinery, real estate, purchasing inventory, etc… Adhiban caters to all your needs in the form of Business Loan.

Small Scale Business Loan

We provide only the best for our customers. We maintain a close association with the leading financial firms such as Lendio, Bluevine, Fundbox, Kabbage, Funding Circle., that provides business loans for small scale businesses at a wider geographic extent.

Long Loan Tenor on Business Loan

For the convenience of business loan borrowers, long tenor up to 20 years can be availed under certain circumstances.

Special Benefits Women Loan

Following the foot trails of Sudha Purushothaman, a young women entrepreneur from Coimbatore, more and more women entrepreneurs started to bud in Coimbatore. For the empowerment of women, Adhiban entertains some special schemes that are introduced by the government of India and some financial institutions.

Cent Kalyani Scheme is offered by Central Bank of India for Business Loan

Key benefits

Women Over 18 who have no income can get a business loan with this scheme. Maximum Loan amount up to 1 Crore is available in the name of business loan. Loan Term: 1-7 years Interest Rate - base interest rate +0.25% to base interest rate +0.50%, this depends on the Bank's business requirements. No Collateral/third party guarantee required. For hypothecation, all stocks and assets created with Bank's fund are required. The processing fee is waived.

Stree Shakti Package is offered by State Bank of India for Business Loan

Key benefits

Women should own more than 51% of Business. The maximum loan amount in the name of business loan that can be availed is Rs. 50 lakhs. No security is required for a business loan up to Rs. 5 lakhs. Lower interest rate than other banks.

Shringaar and Annapurna is offered by Bhartiya Mahila Bank for Business Loan

Key benefits

*Only applicable for women who do business regarding food catering and selling lunch packs.

Women between 20-60 years of age are eligible. For a business loan with Shringaar plan Rs. 10 Lakhs is the maximum loan available and for a business loan with Annapurna plan Rs. 50,000 is the maximum loan available. Loan tenure is 7 years at max for Shringaar and 3 years at max for Annapurna For Shringaar scheme interest rate is base rate +2 % and for Annapurna rate is base rate +1.5%. No Collateral required and covered with CGTMSE.

Synd Mahila Shakthi is offered by Syndicate Bank for Business Loan

Key benefits

Minimum 50% of the business should be owned by 1 or more women. A maximum of Rs 5 crore can be availed with this scheme. Maximum 10 years of Loan Tenure is entertained for a business loan. The interest rate is base rate - 0.25% for loans of more than 10 Lakh and the interest rate is the same as the base rate for smaller loans. No processing fee. A free credit card and no third-party guarantee is required for the loans in the influence of CGMSE.

Get Thrilled by the Speed

We make the Loan process very fast. The ideal processing time for a business loan, with all necessary documents, ranges from 6-8 working days.

We care about Startups

Coimbatore is all about its trade and Entreprises. It seems Coimbatore has taken Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech saying "Startup India, Standup India" a little too serious. We could see a lot of new startups lining up to make a revolution in different industries. Adhiban can help you set up your startup by providing financial advice and loans.

Documentation Needed to avail Business Loan

To avail the business loan, the Borrower must submit proper documentation to the lenders i.e, Adhiban. And it has been categorized as follows.

Know Your Customer (KYC) documents necessary for Business Loan

These documents will help us to know our customers well and serve you better.

For identity proof, three documents are needed. The Aadhar Card and Pan card are mandatory for availing business loans. Either Voter ID or Driving license must be attached as the third document.

For address proof, a Current address proof either gas bill or Aadhar card should be given.

If you are living in own house EB bill or property tax should be attached while applying for the gold loan.

If you are living in your own house, the EB bill or property tax should be attached for aiding a business loan.

If you are living in a rental house, a rental agreement or gas bill or bank statement can be given as address proof for availing a business loan.

Credit/Income document required for Business Loan

These documents are used by lenders for evaluating the business loan eligibility and estimating the maximum amount of business loan that borrowers can avail.

IT returns of the last two to three years, Documents and bills related to Goods and service tax payment, bank statement for the past year, RC or SSI certificate are needed for business loans.

Coimbatore is a vibrant city. It is growing rapidly in all aspects. Coimbatore is rising from tire 2 city to the scale of a tire 1 city. Owning and managing a business in Coimbatore has its share of perks and detriments. Most of the time the issue we have to face is financial. No matter how big a firm is, no matter how long it has been in the game, every firm has to deal with some form of financial issues at some part of the time. We feel you. Being in business you have to worry about a lot of things. Financial matters won't be one of them anymore. Be wise and get a business loan with Adhiban in Coimbatore.

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