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Home Loan Starts 7.75% Onwards

Home Loan

Get hassle-free, fast and tireless Home Loan in Coimbatore. Here at Adhiban, we work like a trojan to make your dream come true. We know and believe that a house is not just bricks and concrete.

Life in Coimbatore is heavenly and it is the second-largest city of Tamil Nadu. Owning a home in Coimbatore will just take it to the next level.

A dream house is one of the most gratifying lifetime goals for all. It is also a great deal of financial investment as well. You put everything you have into making it come true. Spending time to find an apt financial plan/firm is never a bad idea.

Interest Rate:

We provide bank loan with a nominal interest rate. The rate of interest are different for different loan.

  • Home loan it starts with 7.75% onwards,
  • Machinery loan it starts with 8.75% onwards,
  • Car Loan it starts with 7.25% onwards,
  • Education Loan it starts with 6.75% onwards,
  • LAP & ML  it starts with 8.75% onwards,
  • Personal loan it starts with 10.50% onwards,
  • Business loan it starts with 9.60% onwards,
  • Gold loan it starts with 7.35% onwards.

Who are we?

Adhiban is south India's most preferred and trusted loan provider in Coimbatore.

How do we stand out?

Home Loan Nominal Interest Rate

There are many banks and financial consultancy that claim to offer a home loan with low-interest rates. Adhiban is private finance that provides a home loan in Coimbatore. We provide a nominal interest rate of 7.90% on the home loan. Our system exclusively operates in favour of Coimbatore locals as we are one amongst them. We are an established firm, and we are operating since 2012.

Is that all?

Nope. Head down to explore more key features and benefits…

The Lowest Processing Time

If you plan to build your home in April, then with Adhiban, start building it in April. Coupled with the Lowest processing time on a home loan that ranges from 10 to 15 working days, Adhiban is one of the very few loan providers in Coimbatore that make certain that financial issues don't slow you down.

Home Loan Balance Transfer

For Home Loan in Coimbatore, Adhiban provides Home Loan Balance Transfer. If you have a lot of expenses to cover each month and the home loan that you availed from other banks or financial institutions just keeps pulling you down, then hesitate not and transfer the outstanding balance of your home loan with Adhiban to pay lesser interest. Save the dough to pay some other bills.

Top-Up Loan on Home Loan

By transferring your outstanding home loan with Adhiban, cover up your other big expenditures or re-pair, renovate or furnish your home. Save a huge sum by top-up loan with Adhiban.

Part Prepayment of Home Loan

A five-year instalment of your home loan doesn't always have to last five years. Save a huge interest in the Prepayment or Part Prepayment facility. Use your incentives and bonus amount to pay a part of your loan sum before the end of your tenor and enjoy the quantum.

Long Term Tenure for Home Loan

Home Loan can be elapsed for a longer-term that lets our borrowers pay a limited amount each month rather than requiting huge amount every single month stressing out the borrowers.

The benefits look cool. But, am I eligible for the Home Loan?

If you are a salaried worker or self-employed and have a credit score of 600 or higher, you are eligible for a home loan at Adhiban in Coimbatore.

And for all of you who think housing Loan is a Liability and renting a house is better, brace yourself as you are going to find out you are wrong. Home loan EMI is higher than your monthly house rent, but in the end, you would end up with a place that you can call it Your Home. And the constant boom in the price on the property will turn your house into an actual gold mine.

Documentation Needed to avail Home Loan

To avail the home loan, the Borrower must submit proper documentation to the lenders i.e, Adhiban. And it has been categorized as follows.

Know Your Customer (KYC) documents required for Home Loan

These documents will help us to know our customers well and serve you better.

For identity proof, three documents are needed. Aadhar Card and Pan card is mandatory. Either Voter ID or Driving license must be attached as the third document.

For address proof, a Current address proof either gas bill or Aadhar card should be given.

Credit/Income document necessary for Home Loan

These documents are used by lenders for evaluating the home loan eligibility and estimating the maximum amount of loan that borrowers can avail.

In the case of Self Employed, IT returns of the last two to three years, Documents related to Goods and service tax payment, bank statement for the past year, RC or SSI certificate are needed.

In case of salaried, last 3 months' payslip or salary certificate, the Last 6 months bank statement and employee ID card must be submitted.

Property Documents need to avail Home Loan

To avail the home loan, these documents are required by lenders for verification purposes.

EC — 1986 to Till date, Mother document set, Plan approval, Building Blueprint estimation is needed.

Federal Bank: Vacant land, Land from any locale is acceptable for the loan.

Indostar home finance: Proof of business is not mandatory for Self employees. Plan approval is not necessary for the home loan.

Aadhar Housing Finance Limited: Plan approval is not necessary. Vacant Lands, Plans starting from 300 sqft, Ootu Veedu, Cement Sheet, etc... is acceptable for aiding a home loan.

South Indian Bank: Panchayat Approval or DTCP Approval is adequate for availing a home loan.

After years of hard work and savings, driving the same old car in the Coimbatore traffic compromising your comfort over saving a little for your dream home, living in rentals and letting them heist you every month and when you get to buy or build a new house and call it a home, do you want to go through a Deja Vu scenario by choosing a wrong financial plan or firm for your home loan? If I were you, I would make a big pass.

Sharing amusing, inspiring stories of how you built your house with your children is healthier than saying sad stories of how after 20 years you are still paying your mortgage. That being said, put a hold to your dubious notions and just entrust Adhiban.

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