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Gold Loan Starts 7.35% Onwards

Gold Loan

Get an instant gold loan at the lowest interest rate in Coimbatore. With Adhiban, you will get the best value in town for your gold. Use the amount to cover any sort of expense. No one knows when someone will need financial aid. Also, being in an expensive city like Coimbatore, it is inevitable. A gold loan is one of the best options that will help you meet the expenses.

Interest Rate:

We provide bank loan with a nominal interest rate. The rate of interest are different for different loan.

  • Gold loan it starts with 7.35% onwards,
  • Home loan it starts with 6.65% onwards,
  • Car Loan it starts with 7.25% onwards,
  • Education Loan it starts with 6.75% onwards,
  • LAP & ML  it starts with 8.75% onwards,
  • Personal loan it starts with 10.50% onwards,
  • Machinery loan it starts with 8.75% onwards,
  • Business loan it starts with 9.60% onwards.

Who are we?

Adhiban is south India's most preferred and trusted loan provider in Coimbatore. Adhiban has a direct selling association with all leading Banks out there in the market.

How do we stand out?

Gold Loan Nominal Interest Rate

There are many banks and financial consultancy that claim to offer a Gold loan with low-interest rates. Adhiban helps you choose the best Gold loan in Coimbatore with a nominal interest rate. The interest rate starts at 7.35% on the Gold loan.

High Loan Value in the name of Gold Loan

Adhiban helps you borrow high-value gold loan in Coimbatore. You can avail 75% of the market value of the gold that you hypothecate. Get the best price for your gold here.

Instant cash on Gold Loan

Be it a medical emergency or any other situation where you require urgent financial aid, you could always count on Adhiban while you are at Coimbatore to borrow money in the name of a gold loan. You can get the entire process done within 4 hours.

Long Term Tenure for Gold Loan

Gold Loan can be elapsed for a longer-term that can persist up to 4 years that lets our borrowers pay a limited amount each month rather than requiting huge amount every single month that stresses out the borrowers. Adhiban counts as one of the longest tenure providers of the gold loan in Coimbatore.

Low Processing Fee on Gold Loan

Adhiban charges a lot less processing fees than any other loan provider in Coimbatore. If the loan amount is less than 50,000 then Rs 1000 should be paid as a processing fee. If the loan amount exceeds that, then Adhiban doesn't charge a buck more than 2% of the entire loan amount.

Easy Online Process & Instant Approvals on Gold Loan.

With the fully digitized and automated online process, get instant approvals on your Gold Loan and save a lot of your time and energy. You don't have to be in or around Coimbatore.

Part Prepayment of Gold Loan

A two-year instalment of your Gold loan doesn't always have to last two years. Save a huge interest in the Prepayment or Part Prepayment facility. Use your hard-earned money to pay a part of your loan sum or foreclose your loan before the end of your tenor and enjoy the quantum.

Flexible Repayment

With Adhiban, you get to repay the gold loan with various options. We know that everyone doesn't own the same business and not everyone has a stable Income. Some will possess a dynamic and flexible income system. Considering them in mind, we entertain repayment in different styles.

Paying just the interest amount every month and paying the principal amount at the end of the tenure. EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) is paying interest and a part of the principal amount every month till the end of tenure. Paying Interest upfront and paying a part of principal amount every month till the end of tenure.

Safety and Security

We care about your possessions. The ornaments that you hypothecate while availing a gold loan might have a lot of sentiment and might hold a lot of backstories. We respect your sentiments. That is why Adhiban holds gold ornaments with the highest possible security. We provide one of the safest facility in Coimbatore for storing your gold.

Special Benefits while availing gold loan

As gold is given as security, the gold loan doesn't require a lot of documentation. Neither income proof nor credit score is required to avail gold loan Faster and simpler loan processing.

Documentation Needed to avail Gold Loan

To avail the Gold Loan, the Borrower must submit proper documentation to the lenders i.e, Adhiban. And it has been categorized as follows.

Know Your Customer (KYC) documents required for Gold Loan

These documents will help us to know our customers well and serve you better.

For identity proof, three documents are needed. Aadhar Card and Pan card is mandatory. Either Voter ID or Driving license must be attached as the third document for availing a gold loan.

For address proof, a Current address proof either gas bill or Aadhar card should be given.

If you are living in own house EB bill or property tax should be attached while applying for the gold loan.

If you are living in a rental house, a rental agreement or gas bill or bank statement can be given to get your gold loan approved.

Gold is one of the very few metals that don't rust in its pure form due to the lack of Iron content. Gold always stays novel. Likewise, your life will be glittery and novel when you take a gold loan with Adhiban.

We must have heard this expression 'Does money comes from water?' But actually, it is true considering some facts in science. Some experts in science say that earthquakes turn water into gold. With Athiban, you can turn gold into money by availing a gold loan. Somehow the old saying does make sense in some unimagined ways.

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