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Fixed Deposit Schemes

Term General Senior Citizen / Women
1 Year 10.00% 10.50%
2 Year 10.25% 10.75%
3 Year 10.50% 11.00%
4 Year 10.75% 11.25%
5 Year 11.00% 11.50%

Why Adhiban Nidhi?


While you sleep peacefully, your money grows exponentially.


Registered under Companies Act 2013, and regulated by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.


Years of rich experience in financial and investment domain.


Sound financial consulting projects realizing over 100 crores in cumulative impact in added value.

Best of both Worlds…

  • - Reap maximum financial benefits…
  • - Through reliable transactions…

Our Nidhi Schemes

  • - FD | RD | S/A – Savings Account
  • - Gold Loan | Loan Against Property | Loan Against Securities

Rock – Solid Figures

  • 15+ years of Successful financial Operations
  • 25 Qualified & Certified Financial Experts
  • 50 Attractive Lending & Borrowing Schemes
  • 100 Crores in Cumulative Impact in Added Value

Adhiban is a financial strategy consulting and services firm that helps to create significant bottom-line value improvements. Our financial consulting projects have realized over 105 crores in cumulative impact in added value.

NIDHI – A new initiative from Adhiban for discerned customers who wish to go beyond the axiom: "Sound Body, Sound Mind". Realize "Financially Sound" status through NIDHI – the new paradigm to redefine your financial position.

Adhiban Nidhi Mutual Benefit Limited is all about well thought-out, smart Borrowings and Lendings.


Explore Adhiban Nidhi Borrowings for deposits and savings, wherein exponential growth is not a byproduct, but the main outcome.

Our Nidhi Fixed Deposit and Monthly investment schemes let's your money grow and gives immense joy on maturity – A happy state of mind assured – much better than spending money unnecessarily and regretting later.

# Term Rate of Interest (for General) Rate of Interest (Senior Citizen / Women)
1 1 Year 10.00% 10.50%
2 2 Year 10.25% 10.75%
3 3 Year 10.50% 11.00%
4 4 Year 10.75% 11.25%
5 5 Year 11.00% 11.50%

Saving at its best! Stash away part of your earnings and we will give you lump sum upon maturity. Adhiban Nidhi RD is a smart scheme to save money.

# Term Rate of Interest (for General) Rate of Interest (for Special Class / MAHILA)
1 1 Year 8.50% 9.00%
2 2 Year 8.75% 9.25%
3 3 Year 9.00% 9.50%
4 4 Year 9.25% 9.75%
5 5 Year 9.50% 10.00%

Save today to avoid close shave later!

Adhiban offers diverse and customized savings scheme like icing on the cake with an attractive interest rate. Go ahead and start saving today.

Features Details Advantage
Minimum Deposit Rs 1000 only Start with as low as 1000
Nomination Facility Available Nominate your loved ones and feel safe
Rate of Interest 5% Attractive interest rate
SMS Facility Available Well-laid plan for future-focused investors


Through Lendings, realize a WIN-WIN

Our loan schemes are reasonable, safe and beneficial. Our interests are low on your asset and high on building goodwill.

Your assets are in safe hands and they pay for you too!

All that glitters is Gold

Why spend money on bank safe lockers or sleepless nights over keeping your valuable gold items at your home?

Adhiban Nidhi Mutual Benefit lets you smartly liquidate your gold and enjoy a peaceful sleep as well.

Features & Benefits

  •    - Swift processing of loans*
  •    - Avail Gold Loan up to Rs 15,00,000 & up to 85% of value*
  •    - Hassle-free, simple paperwork*
  •    - Minimum documentation and speedy disbursal*
  •    - Easy payment options*
  •    - ATL – Anytime Liquidity*
  •    - No EMI, service only interest and immensely enjoy the Loan facility*
  • *conditions may apply

Why go for personal loans and borrowings with exorbitant interest rates?
Your property could be your cash cow!

Adhiban Nidhi offers a smart solution to handle your financial woes = whatever it could be…

Features & Benefits

  •    - Simplified Documentation Work
  •    - Highly Attractive Interest Rates
  •    - Swift Balance Transfer Facility
  •    - Reasonable Prepayment Charges

Go ahead and unlock the potential of your investments!

Whether it is mutual funds, insurance, stocks or shares, your securities will help you to get loans faster and better.

Adhiban Nidhi offers you reasonable and useful loans that you can avail easily and swiftly.

Features & Benefits

  •    - High Loan Value – Get Loan up to Rs 15 Lakhs
  •    - Considerably low Part payment / Foreclosure charges
  •    - Easy and Quick Documentation Process
  •    - Wide-ranging List of Approved Securities

Value Added Services

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Financial Planning

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